Our Website Design Process

The process that we use for creating a website is as follows, I hope that gives you a good understanding of how we work.

Collect the Basics

First, we collect the essential details about your project using a web form. This will give us a basic idea of what you are looking to achieve.

To do this, simply fill in this form

Skype Chat

Having received the basics, it’s time to talk about your project so that we can get a feel for exactly what you wish to achieve and how far along the process you already are. In this time we will chat about your goals, expectations, content, budget and requirements.

Website Proposal

Now it’s time for us to put our thinking caps on and create a proposal for you. This will outline exactly what pages will be in the design, timelines, costs, goals and more.

Optional Mock-up (Chargeable if the Project Does not Proceed)

We can and often do create a mockup of what we are thinking, this can help you understand exactly what we have in mind for you. Not only is this a great way to ensure that we are all on the same page, but it is a great way to ensure that your project remains on budget. If the project does not go ahead, a charge of $150 would be payable to cover the mockup design costs.

Project Approval

Having received the quote, and if applicable the mockup it’s time to make a decision. Let us know in writing (via email) that you wish to proceed and we will get things moving.

Payment 1 (50%)

We will issue an invoice for 50% of the cost of the site, upon receiving this, we begin work.

Collect Website Content From You

Building a website is like building a house, we need the building materials. In the case of a website, the raw materials are the images that you wish to use, and the words to go on the pages. Without these, the website cannot be built. To ensure that projects run smoothly, on time and within budget we require all content to be ready before the bulk of design work is done. On smaller pro, ects this generally takes about a day to write the content, but tends to be put off, so lets get this done up front so that I can get stuck into your site.

We use an awesome system to make the gathering of content far simpler, allowing us to guide you and at the same time collect the informion in the simplest way for us to work with so that we can keep costs down, and productivity (for all involved) up!

Collect Hosting & cPanel Details

Rather than encountering delays later, let’s get your hosting detals ready so that we can have a smooth transition to the new site. This will be things like cPanel and FTP login details and if you have an existing site we would also request login details to this site.

Additionally, if you have Google Analytics already setup or would like us to set up an Analytics code or Google Webmaster Tools, then we will request this detail as well.

Create Site

Now that we have all of the content, we can begin the bulk of the design and build of the site.

We will provide you with details to view our work and advise you at key points to provide feedback and where appropriate further information/clarification.

Initial Request Review (Review 1)

Once we have reached a point where we feel that we have the basics ready done. It’s not finished, but it is at a point where we need your feedback. At this stage, all of the pages should be created (though may not be formatted fully).

The goal of this review is to spot major missing pieces in terms of content, to identify major issues in terms of how the site will look and get a feel for how things are going.

More complex features such as newsletters and in most cases member areas will not be operational at this stage.

Change Requests Logged

During your initial review, you log issues, ideas and changes into our change request system.

This system will allow you to visually write notes on the website making it easy for you to add notes, and easy for us to understand where you mean on the site. It’s super simple. YAY

Change Requests Actioned, and Progress Continued

Each Friday we review change requests. Yes, you heard it correctly, we don’t action every change on the day, we generally action requests on Fridays giving you time to fully review the site and make all of the change requests that you require.

Once we review your requests we will continue with the build, implementing more features and bringing the site to completion. During this phase, we may need to communicate with you to clarify any issues that we have. Our goal at this stage is to bring the site to as close as we can to complete as possible.

Once we finish this, we pass back to you for review.

NOTE: If we find that there are change requests that fall outside of the scope of the project, we will have a chat and discuss additional costs for those features or efforts.

Returned to You For Another Check (Review 2)

Having now completed your requests and brought the site to a completed stage, it’s time for you to review the site again. Take your time here to review the site fully to ensure that we can complete the project on time and on within budget.

In this time you should ensure that you test each of the features of the site to ensure that you are happy and they function as expected.

Action Your Requests & Continue Work

On the following Friday, we review and complete your changes.

NOTE: If we find that there are change requests that fall outside of the scope of the project, we will have a chat and discuss additional costs for those features or efforts.

Once our changes are complete, we notify you to verify our changes are complete.

Returned to You For Final Check Before “Go Live” (Review 3)

By this stage, you should have thoroughly checked the site, and the only parts that need review are the changes that we made, and it’s time to give it a final go over.

Assuming that we have accurately completed your previous requests, there should be very little if anything to change at this stage. If this is the case it will continue to the next phase, otherwise further revisions may be required.

IMPORTANT: If further reviews are required due to issues not being identified earlier in your revisions, the project will be delayed and additional costs may apply.

Approval Requested for “Go Live”

At the completion of the 3rd review, we will ask you if you are happy for the site to be placed onto your hosting and put into operation.

Website Migration

Having received your permission, we migrate the site to your hosting

Website Testing By You, & By Us

We will test the site, to ensure correct operation, and we invite you to do the same to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as expected.

This review is strictly to ensure that the site does what it did in our development environment. This is not a time where we can implement new features, content changes or other tweaks, these things would have been complete before migration.

If you have further changes to the site or other ideas that come to mind, we can complete the project and quote on these new ideas.

Handover of Key Information

We ensure that you have a record of website logins, and information about how to access the back end as well as basics like making site changes.

Final Invoice

Upon handover of the document we issue our final invoice

We Are Never Far Away

If you have trouble, ideas, or plans we are always there to help so don’t forget to keep in touch. Not only can we provide website updates or maintenance, we can also improve your website rank, write content or build upon your website sales systems. The sky is the limit!