If This, Then That works by following user “recipes” that trigger one action to cause another


If This, Then That works by following user “recipes” that trigger one action to cause another. For example, through IFTT, my Instagram photos automatically post to Twitter as native Twitter photos (meaning, the picture is displayed within the tweet, rather than my followers seeing a link to the pic only).

For content curation purposes, IFTT can help save you time by automating the curation process for you.

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IFTTT is all about creating what it calls “recipes.” These recipes are essentially commands that you create within the app that it then dictates to other apps and services to create a new function that otherwise wouldn’t happen. It’s kind of confusing when you’re trying to imagine it, but when you see it in practice it makes total sense. An example recipe would be something like “If tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain, send me a text message.” IFTTT then sends that command to the two apps that it runs through, Weather and your SMS service of choice, to provide you with a text update if there is rain incoming.

If you’re unsure of how to make the most out of IFTTT, don’t worry – you don’t have to sit and try to come up with recipes on your own to actually get use out of it. You can borrow recipes that others have created. You can sort through existing recipes by popularity and use to get ideas or try out commands that others have found helpful. You’d be surprised at some of the combinations that people have mixed and matched to come up with and just how useful they end up being (and why the app creators didn’t come up with the idea in the first place). You can even search for recipes by app to see what others have come up with before you head into the laboratory yourself.

You shouldn’t feel too intimidated to create your own recipes with ifttt, though. The most amazing part about the app is that it allows you to make events happen without any programming knowledge. All you have to do to make a recipe is pick a service that you’d like to get a new function out of, figure out how you’d like it to manifest, and hit the “Finish” button to put it into action. It’s extremely simple and essentially just has you pick options from a list of possible actions to come up with your creation. Those actions are so plentiful though that you’ll never have a shortage of ways to make apps interact and work together.

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There are innumerable possibilities that you can explore with this app. The best part about this app is it does not require you to move out of the app to check the progress of the command or recipe.

IF, by IFTTT, is one app that makes the tedious task of handling multiple apps easy. From uploading the same picture across social media platforms to automating work anniversary wishes on LinkedIn, IF handles it all smoothly at the touch of a ‘recipe.'

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 IFTTT stands for “if this, then that.” This extremely handy free service lets you connects apps, tools, and Internet-connected devices without knowing any code. It's an Editors' Choice winner for productivity services.

Post a new photo to Facebook, and automatically save it into Dropbox. Receive an email from a new contact, and see that person's information appear in a spreadsheet. Anyone can create automations like those two I just mentioned if they use IFTTT. IFTTT (it rhymes with “gift”) stands for “if this, then that.” This free service is one of my favorite productivity apps because it lets you connect a wide variety of Internet-connected apps, services, and devices, even if you don't know how to code. The IFTTT website and mobile app show you how to build commands (which IFTTT calls recipes) using icons and a few simple fields. Once your recipes are in place, you can kick back and relax because IFTTT follows through on what it promises to do. Zapier is a similar service, and in my eyes both it and IFTTT are equally handy. You can do things with each that you can't do with the other, as I'll explain. Both Zapier and IFTTT are Editors' Choice services.

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