Juxtapost is here to help you remember all the amazing things you see while you browse the web


Juxtapost is here to help you remember all the amazing things you see while you browse the web. However with all its infinite options, managing what you find has become a massive undertaking. For years, web users have relied on a browser’s bookmark tool to save what they find, however this has become far too ineffective when attempting to organize more than a few dozen pages. That’s where Juxtapost steps in. Its sole ambition is to provide members with easy-to-use tools to “bookmark” the photos they find into categorized postboards (collection of posts) that they can easily curate, even if their collection spirals to hundreds of websites.

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Juxtapost favors a grey background with hints of red that give it a vibrant yet mature feel. The layout is clean, despite the diverse nature of the content housed on its postboards. Buttons and tabs are modern in appearance and users can easily navigate from one page to the next with no noticeable load time. the interface is user friendly, clearly marking categories and separate items on postboards. The interface may not be unique, but it is practical and user friendly.

Juxtapost is a bookmarking tool that lets users store their favorite things online, side by side. The user can add any kind of content to a personal board. The application offers a convenient bookmarklet tool that installs in the user’s browser. When the user finds something they want to add to their Juxtapost account, they simply click the bookmarklet button and add it to their page. The application includes a smart auto-description feature that will include a label for the user’s new item. Users can manage multiple post boards at one time, choosing a specific postboard for each new item added. Other Juxtapost users can view the user’s board and repost items they like to their own boards.

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“Juxtapost is a labor of love.  Every detail is painstakingly discussed and thought through.  We want to make sure the user-experience here is second-to-none.  We’ve been really fortunate to experience the growth that we have and feel that we must attribute our success to our commitment to members.  Converting members from other social discovery sites to ours can only be accomplished if we provide them with the features and experience they have long wanted to see,” said company founder Monir Boktor. Juxtapost.com brings social disovery websites to a new level by providing the public with easy-to-use tools to bookmark photos while they browse the web. Bookmarked images are instantly posted to a “pinboard” on Juxtapost.com, where members can later view, share or export. Juxtapost also provides the option of making your pinboards private.  You may not always want people following you around spying on everything you like! One amazing characteristic of “Juxtapost” is the “More Like This” button that can be clicked while viewing any image.  While looking at an image of an owl, for example, clicking the “More Like This” button will bring up dozens, even hundreds more images of owl crafts, owl photographs, owl jewelery, and the list goes on. Monir Boktor also shares, “We know that part of ensuring our members enjoy bookmarking their finds is to enhance our application so that they can quickly and efficiently categorize the new content they find. We are keenly aware of the ‘curation-fatigue’ that sets in with the other social discovery websites because of the unnecessary steps to bookmark content.  We’ve already streamlined, but we have many more ideas in the pipeline that will automate the process and which we know will make our members very happy.