Learnist is a knowledge social network


Learnist. This tool is great because it helps people learn from industry leaders. You will be able to curate expert content, and even learn new information about your industry. Constantly learning is great for content curation and creation, and Learnist provides you with this opportunity.

Learning is social. Learnist is a knowledge social network. Save and share everything you're learning from around the web with a couple of clicks from your iOS device.

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Learnist describes itself as a “crowd-sourced collection of the world's knowledge.” What this means is that they allow users and experts from around the world to create boards of information that can then be accessed by their members.

As you browse through all the boards available in various categories, you have the ability to save them to your personal reading list so you can access them later when you have the time.

It is free for all members to sign up and browse the boards to find the ones they are interested in. They do, however, offer Premium Content through their iOS app which does cost a fee of $0.99 per board you download.

Learnist is a new company that promises to give their customers “the world's knowledge, at your fingertips,” through the use of their catalog of knowledge boards created by experts and users around the world.

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I use this tool to organized a lesson plan to incorporate more multimedia tools. I also use this to enable flipped classrooms, students can navigate to the boards on Learnist then come back to class the next day to work on problems in groups or in learning games (Manga Math or Filament Games).

This tool offers any user a way to organized anything they find in the entire universe of the Internet into learning boards. Making them is a snap. The ability to customize, the ease of use and the range of resources you can bring to bear to help teach a subject are the core strengths. I also appreciate using boards made by teachers, if only to gather more ideas for my boards. Highly recommended to all my colleagues. It just works. Pedagogical effectiveness rests with the quality of the board, but student engagement is usually very strong. It is as good a tool for new learners as for adult learners.

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