has a WordPress plugin allowing you the easy ability to embed lists within your own site


Listly is a WordPress plugin used to easily integrate lists to posts and pages on your WordPress blog or site. It allows you, as the publisher, to add or edit lists, add items and embed lists using shortcodes.

It allows your audience to actively contribute to your posts, while still giving you the power of a moderator. With this one plugin you can create, curate or collaborate to build awesome, people-ranked numbered lists.

Listly makes your visually-appealing lists reusable, shareable and embeddable as responsive content. This empowers our audience to contribute to the list content on your blog, giving it an extra level of engagement that will keep growing and developing your content.

View the pricing helps curate lists of things people care about inside your blog post easily.  You simply copy and paste some code into your blog post or use the free plugin.

There is a free version of which  works on WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Expression Engine, Typepad and more. The premium version gives you more options.

Today, I ‘m doing a review of, an easy-to-use list curating tool. enables you to set up a list of articles related to a certain topic and embed it in various styles into your blog.  I’ve set it up in’s gallery style. In this format, my five articles appear side-by-side. I could have created a full list with the articles one under the other or a short list just showing the article title links. My last visual option would have been just my top article appearing as the header. Once the reader clicked on it, the list with the other articles would appear.

Curated from Review lets users vote on items they like, so it can be used for polling. People can collaborate on lists and easily share them on social media sites. By default, items are displayed in the order they are entered, but after people begin to vote on the items, they can be listed in order of popularity. You can also create a custom order. The look of the site is a bit too cute for my taste, and pages are crowded with options and buttons. On the whole, though, I like the idea.

Curated from I’ve got a little list — List.Ly review + badges | NspireD2: Learning Technology in Higher Ed.