MyCurator allows you to curate content for a Topic for free


MyCurator allows you to curate content for a Topic (equivalent to WordPress Categories) for free, but you will have to obtain an API Key to access the cloud services. For those who need to curate a lot of different topics or for multiple sites, low priced monthly plans are available – always with a free 30 day trial. Visit for more information on how MyCurator can add content curation to your content marketing capabilities.

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A plugin named MyCurator is an interesting AI feed reader, which quickly curates from all images and full texts of articles in WordPress editor for fresh updated contents. It helps in finding the content a person exactly wants. MyCurator is a platform for content curation that works for WordPress. MyCurator helps to find fresh new articles and inspiration for a person’s curation effort, rather than making one, search new contents. Each article searched by MyCurator includes all images and full text as well as the credit to the original page in the WordPress editor. One can simply get images and quotes for the curated post and add comments, insights. This then becomes a new curated write up for a person’s blog.

MyCurator uses a software technique (AI) to prepare 90% or above of the article at ones alerts, blogs, and feed concentrating on the topic one has instructed it to follow. This saves the hours of effort put in regularly. One can automatically choose to have the best articles posted in a specific group on the blog. Alternatively, a person can choose manually the best thoughts from an article and put it in their own blog posts.

Curated from MyCurator WordPress Plugin Review

I have tried almost all of the plugins available for curating content and MyCurator is the best by far! It's easy to use but still can be customized to get exactly what you need.

I am delighted with this plugin. Very, very useful, very versatile and lots of potentials. Author's support is excellent. As I said, I'm delighted! Thank You!

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