NetVibes is a content curation tool that offers real-time monitoring, social analytics, mobile alerts, and systems integration in one


NetVibes is a content curation tool that offers real-time monitoring, social analytics, mobile alerts, and systems integration in one. A leading dashboard intelligence platform for the web, NetVibes monitors social media and sends alerts about content that is relevant to you.

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I use Netvibes on a personal basis – it's my personal navigation dashboard on by browsers.  It actually doesn't address any business issues at all, but it consolidates all of my personal data sources into a single screen.  I use that as a dashboard of personal news and information each time I launch my browser.

It's very well suited to any organization that manages or consumes a lot of web data from a lot of different sources.  It provides the flexibility to customize a dashboard with any amount of information from any number of sources to allow you to view at a glance all of the changing and updated information in close to real time.

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Netvibes can switch between a robust RSS reader that can cover a wide range of functionality to a dashboard that has great customization for adding information you need throughout the day. Weather, news, videos and more can be displayed on your dashboard. There are also a variety of themes you can use in order to further promote the customization experience. If you don't like the themes provided, you are able to create your own.

As an anonymous user, you can get a wide berth of topics brought to your temporary dashboard according to the initial topic you choose when accessing the site. Posts from Bing, Google, YouTube and Twitter will be displayed automatically for you to peruse and further fine-tune with settings for each display.

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Netvibes is easy to set up, loads quickly, and offers a tight interface sans ads that is easy to customize with news and e-mail messages from various accounts and that lets you share your content.

Netvibes is a custom home page service that lets you collect your favorite online content and access it all from any Web browser. For example, wouldn't it be more productive to log on to one Web page to read your newest e-mail in addition to the latest news from favorite wire services, magazines, and blogs, as well as see your calendar appointments and to-do lists? Why not throw in your most recent online bookmarks and photo galleries while you're at it? How about tossing in your city's weather and movie listings, as well as airfare lookups and maps for driving directions? Although the product's not perfect, Parisian start-up company Netvibes has created a clean, personal home page that is better than others we've tested, including Windows

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