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Do You Need A New Website?

Websites are more than just brochures for your business

A website should be a living representation of your business, and just like how businesses change over time, your website should changes too.

Every website needs a change, and if your website hasn't been updated for more than a year, then it's time to make a change.

For some businesses, that means to add some new reviews, some new images and perhaps adjust the text for some of your products or services. For other businesses, it's time for a revamp. And other websites need a do-over.

A simple guideline

  • If your website is not achieving significant results, it may be time to refresh your website. The style or content of your website may be holding you back.
  • If you plan on spending money on your marketing, then you should consider if your website will support it appropriately.
  • If your website is missing something key to your online success, for example if your website isn't mobile responsive, then it definitely needs a change.
  • Businesses change, website technologies change, and styles change quickly. If your website is 2 years old (or older), it's probably time to refresh your website.

Is a New Website Expensive?

Getting a new website doesn't need to be expensive

A new website is not expensive, in fact it often costs far less than keeping your existing site. Here's what I mean

Often a new website results in better website rank, and more traffic
For most businesses, more traffic means more sales, more leads and more money. If updating your website would result in more traffic then you are missing out on money.

If your website content is not closing deals well enough
Often, when people build their own sites, they miss out on crucial things, and that cost sales. If you could increase your conversion rate how would that impact your business? This is especially important if you are spending money on PPC, SEO or Social Media. After all, if the website isn't closing the deals, then paying money for advertising is incredibly expensive.

If your website is not mobile responsive then Google will not send mobile traffic to it
Mobile search is big and getting bigger every day. If your website is not mobile responsive, then you are losing almost all mobile traffic. And what little traffic hits your site is highly unlikely to convert.

In other words, NOT updating a website IS expensive. Keeping your website effective is just part of running a successful business.

And hey, at about $1,600 plus GST, it really isn't expensive at all.

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What Is Our Process?

It's cheaper and simpler than you think!

STEP 1 – We have a chat about your goals, preferences & requirements
STEP 2 – We show you a design and see what you think
STEP 3 – If you like it, we move forward with an agreement
STEP 4 – We write the content for your site and you give us a few more details
STEP 5 – We create your new website
STEP 6 – We tweak, test and once you approve, your new site goes live

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