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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It takes more than simply having a website just start making sales

If your website is letting you down, and not making you as much money as you would like it too, then chances are, your website would benefit from search engine optimisation (SEO).

95% of users only check the first page in Google

We can help improve the rank of your website by improving the quality of the content, making sure that you have all of the appropriate tags and descriptions, and make sure that you have entries in important places like website directories, social media and other blogs.

The days of simple hacks, or black hat tricks securing you a position on the first page are well and truly over, the only way to improve the rank of your website is to improve your website. And that's exactly what we help you to do.

Slow websites get less traffic and provide a substandard experience for visitors

The speed of your website is critical, not only in determining the rank of your website, but also in how your customer perceives your business, and how long they spend on your website. quite simply, a slow website is less likely to make money.

We know how to make your website faster, we can Help by setting up everything you need to have a fast, reliable and stable website full stop

On average, we can make a website load 2-3 times faster! A fast website means customers feel that it is easier to browse and purchase leading to more money fast.

We can help you appear on maps

If you're a local business, appearing on the maps within a search is crucial for your success online.

Many searches are often location-based, meaning that people are often looking for a  Product or service within their area. Without a carefully crafted Google Business Page, your business is missing out on a massive portion of website traffic. If your business is a restaurant, plumber, massage therapist, accountant, doctor, greengrocer or any other business that serves a local audience, then local search engine optimisation is a great place to start in improving your online Performance.