How to hide your email address from spam bots

If you're anything like me, you get a lot of email.

And, if you're anything like me you get a lot of spam. This week alone I have managed to win many competitions, found out many great ways to buy various pharmaceutical products, learnt about new relatives and had so many business offers that it's crazy.

Of course none of this is real. For some reason, spammers seem to think that people may be interested in what they have to say. But of course, if you have anything to do with your day other than open spam then chances are you are pretty bored by.

I've been having some problems with some bounced messages lately. Basically, my spam filter service (that normally gets rid of all these junk emails) has made a couple of mistakes. So today, I am going to make a couple of changes to my site and I'll show you how you can do the same to reduce the amount of spam that you get as well.

How do spammers get your email address?

Well, the main place is actually from your website and other websites that have your email address showing on them. Sure, you could not put your email address there, but that makes it harder for people to communicate with you and that sucks as well.

Spammers use “bots” which are programs that hunt through websites looking for email addresses and building a list. So in other words, they're not real people, just some dodgy programs.

How to hide your email address from spam bots have a free service that converts your email address into and encrypted set of characters.

This won't protect you from the most advanced spammers out there, but will keep you hidden from the majority of spammers.

The majority of decent business directories tend to hide email addresses from bots, so the majority of bots look at the directories and use the directories to navigate to your website. So if you're email addresses are encrypted on your website you should see a dramatic decrease in the amount of new spammers.

Of course, spammers that already have your email address will most likely continue and other then changing your email addresses and potentially risking lost email from customers there is very little that can be done.

Good luck, and I hope that you can reduce your spam too!


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