Website Content Documents

These documents should help make the process of creating a website much easier...

Sometimes, it can be hard knowing what to write. These resources are designed to make that process easier.

Simply download the required files, fill in the details, and upload them to your project.

General Information

This document includes details such as your bio, website details, contact details etc.

Client Content Checklist - General



Virtually every website needs an about us page. This is where you outline your business, and what it does.

Client Content Checklist - About



A blog can be used for many things. It could be a place where you post "how-to" articles or post about current trends. A blog is sort of like a newspaper in a way. It shows (usually) in the order that things were posted (from newest to oldest), so often things are timely. But in other cases, it's just a place where you can delve deeper into a topic.

Blogs have a massive impact on your rank when done right, but do take commitment to write the content.

Client Content Checklist - Blog


Home Page

The home page is the centrepiece of the site. While it's usually a fairly visual page, it is also where the key message is, so it's important to capture the words needed to convey your message.

It's where you have only a few short seconds to convey what you are on about, and why someone should read further.

Client Content Checklist - About



Every site needs legal notices on their websites. I know, boring right? Well, Google says you need them, so...

Legals can include your privacy policy, warranty / returns policy, terms & conditions, cookies policy and more.

You may not need all of them (most don't), but a privacy policy and either a terms & conditions or warranty policy would be considered normal and in most cases minimum.



Products & Services

Some sites have just a single page explaining the products and services, other sites have a page that covers the basics, and individual pages that go into detail about each key service.

As each of these pages needs to be created, content needs to be written, these templates will help.



Supporting Content

Testimonials, FAQ content and downloads are important too. Use this worksheet to organise things.

Client Content Checklist - Supporting Content


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