Just recently I’ve been working with a bunch of charities. I love working with charities because not only do they see things differently to for profit businesses, but they are also often filled with great people.

Here are a bunch of really good ways to help promote your charity organisation.

Just as with retail sales, charities and nonprofits tend to see their highest volume of donations during the holiday season. On average, about 30% of charitable donations are made during the month of December alone.

Organizations that rely on donations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they share their stories and spread their messages. Social media has revolutionized many organizations’ entire models now that charities and nonprofits can speak directly to — and engage with — individual followers.

We thought it would be helpful to shift our frame of reference a bit and examine some successful efforts in charity marketing. Below are 10 charities and nonprofits getting their message out through innovation and marketing best practices. We will examine what worked for each organization so you can try to model their success with your own efforts.

One of the best things I found in here was simply how effective social sharing is for charity organisations.

Finding a way to encourage your readers to share your content is such a powerful way to increase your reach.

Check out the Charity: Water section for some extra good tips, the link goes to a post from KissMetrics who have some great further ideas.

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