If you are busy, and if you run a business then it’s a safe bet.  Here are some tips to keep your marketing a bit more manageable

Get off social media

Social media tends to be a time suck, sure it has some value but if you ask yourself “when is the last time I got a customer from social media” and can’t think when, then it’s time to focus on marketing that works.

Write fast

Yes, perfection is perfect, but it’s also impossible.  Imagine that your blog is like talking to a customer.  You are telling them what you think about something, so it takes as long as it takes to type that conversation.  It’s pretty rare that you would stop mid sentence and disappear in google for an hour before resuming the conversation.  Blog posts should generally be the same.  Write about what you know, and do it fast.  I think 1 to 2 hours per article is a good amount of time.  Yes, great content can take longer, but if you are not creating amazing content that actually sells, then 2 hours max should be the target.

Schedule content

WordPress, facebook and other tools allow you to schedule things so use this.  It is going to take a lot of stress out and allow you to get ahead.  So at Christmas you can go away and your Christmas post will still be published on time.  Way better than staying up on Christmas eve!

Read what others in your industry are doing

Customers don’t live in a vacuum, so if you are writing then you can’t either.  Read what your competition is writing as well as others in the industry.  It not only helps keep you informed, but it helps you to get ideas.


You need to work out what is most important and do that FIRST.  Sure, you may want to write that post on social media, but have you written your email newsletter?  Or your sales page?  Priority one should generally be the things that actually sell things.  Everything else is a bonus.  Remember, there are other ways to sell things than beating people over the head with sales speak, but at the end of the day the goal is to make money so if you are selling lots on social media then focus on that, if you are making most of your money on email then do that first, if you are working on a PPC campaign then work on your sales landing pages.

In summary

Time is short in small business, so focus and prioritise.  Build a plan and stick to it and even get ahead of the schedule so that you can spend time relaxing.

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